"A Book, Not to Read"

Group exhibition

02 Sep 2022 - 13 Sep 2022

"A Book, Not to Read"

"A Book, Not to Read"

An exhibition of Persian group art books

Negar Art Gallery presents an exhibition of artists' books by 21 artists with different concepts and approaches, curated by Zarvan Roohbakhshan. Roohbakhshan, a well-known Persian curator, artist, photographer, art critic, and teacher, wrote in the exhibition's statement.

"The book evokes reading; reading conveys perception;and perception conveys comprehension. But does it?!"

He explained, "The forthcoming collection encompasses a variety of approaches to manipulating the book as an object that contains texts to be read and understood. Despite the differences in the main themes and the different approaches that the artists have taken in creating the artist book, some works share interesting similarities.